Plant and Design Daffodil Beds in Autumn

The months of October through early November is an ideal time to plant daffodil bulbs. Over the years we have purchased a variety of different color daffodil bulbs, however, a mass planting of daffodil bulbs of the same color are often times visually more stunning.

We have planted daffodils in hosta and daylily beds. When the daffodils are finished and the leaves are dying back (never cut spent daffodil bulb leaves) the leaves of the hosta and daylilies are springing up and covering the dead leaves.

We also have some naturalized areas of bulbs along our roadside and around some trees. In these areas, we don’t mow the grass until the bulb leaves have browned and disappeared. So if you can live with a meadow look into early summer, the naturalized look is a keeper.

As discussed in earlier blogs, naturalizing bulbs into the grasses of a yard can be quite stunning versus the formality of a specific daffodil bed.

Daffodils and crocuses are probably the best for naturalizing, however tulips and some varieties of hyacinth are not as the bulbs do not readily multiply and often times really only have a period of significant blooming the first year or two years after blooming.

 As for planting daffodils, well it is pretty simple and we have attached a short You Tube Video  to visually demonstrate how daffodil bulb planting is done.

Source: You Tube How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs



Don’t rule out white as a color in your mass or mixed planting of daffodil bulbs.  At Hametownshoppe Gardener, we have the following narcissus for you to view or purchase:

White Narcissus Mix


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